How to match the cable gland cable with the metal metal gland?


What is the metal gland?
Metal cable glands, also known as cable waterproof joints, cable fixed heads and cable joints, are widely used in the fixation and maintenance of electrical wires and cables in mechanical equipment, marine electrical equipment, and anti-corrosion equipment.
Cable gland (also known as cable waterproof joint, cable fixed head and cable joint Cable joint) is widely used in the fixation and maintenance of mechanical equipment electrical, marine electrical, anti-corrosion equipment wire and cable.
Tightening refers to locking the cable through the gland, so that the cable does not rotate in the axial direction and radial direction, so as to ensure the normal connection of the cable.
Sealing refers to the IP protection that is often said, that is, dustproof and waterproof. As for the protection level of Glan, it depends on the structure of each manufacturer.
There are also glands used in special places, such as shielded cable waterproof joints, suitable for cables with shielding layers; armored cable waterproof joints suitable for armored cables; suitable for explosion-proof cable waterproof joints.