Introduction to cable glands


Cable gland (gland) is a mechanical device for cable entry. The material can be divided into metal and non-metal. It is used in electrical, instrumentation and automatic systems with cables and wires in various industries.
Cable glands (gland) are available for a wide variety of power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunication cables. As a sealing and terminating device, it ensures that the properties of the enclosure into which the cable is passed are adequately maintained and continued.
The main functions of cable glands (Glan) are as follows:
The cable gland (gland) provides waterproof and dustproof protection by sealing on the outer sheath of the cable, and blocks the dust and water vapor outside the electrical or instrument box.
◆The cable gland (gland) can provide grounding continuity for the armored cable when using metal material.
◆The cable gland (gland) provides support for the cable and prevents the cable from being pulled out.
◆Cable glands (gland) provide additional sealing protection at the cable entry junction box when higher protection level is required.
◆The cable gland (gland) can ensure the protection grade of the cable inlet by matching the corresponding accessories.

◆The cable gland (gland) can reach the protection level of the box it is installed in.