What are the types of electrical waterproof cable glands


Electrical waterproof glands, also known as waterproof cable joints, waterproof cable glands, cable glands, golans, and stuffing boxes, are mainly used for clamping cables to protect cables when cables enter and exit the distribution cabinet. The outer side of the body is opened, and the cable gland is installed. The incoming cable locks the cable and the lock nut. The cable, the cable gland and the box are tightly connected. If the connection method is proper, it can fully meet the protection level of IP68.

Electrical waterproof glands are divided into nylon cable joints, stainless steel cable joints, copper nickel-plated waterproof cable joints, zinc alloy glands, etc. according to different materials. Electric waterproof glands have anti-bending cable joints and bell mouth cable joints according to different functions. , explosion-proof cable joints, waterproof cable joints, armored cable joints, etc. The electrical waterproof glands are divided into end-type cable glands and 90-degree right-angle cable glands according to different shapes. Specifications range from 4mm-80mm wire diameter, and there are four thread specifications available: NPT thread, M thread, PG thread, and G thread. Some electric valves or motors for electrical waterproof glands are provided by the manufacturer, at the position of the inlet and outlet holes.