Where are metal cable glands used


First, the use of cable glands:
The cable gland is also called the cable head. After the cable is laid, in order to make it a continuous line, each segment of the line must be connected as a whole, and these connection points are called cable joints. The cable gland in the middle of the cable line is called the intermediate joint, and the cable joints at both ends of the line are called the terminal head. The cable joint is used to lock and fix the incoming and outgoing wires, and play the role of waterproof, dustproof and anti-vibration.

Second, the role of cable glands:
The main function of the cable joint is to make the line unobstructed, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level at the cable joint to make it operate safely and reliably. If the seal is not good, not only will oil leak cause the oil-impregnated paper to dry up, but also moisture will penetrate into the cable, which will reduce the insulation performance of the paper.