The development trend of the marine cable gland


(marine cable gland)The survey shows that the world shipbuilding center is accelerating its transfer to China. China's Yangtze River Delta, relying on its geographical advantage of the intersection of golden waterway and gold coast, has become a gathering area for the investment transfer of shipbuilding industry in the world. Affected by the external economic environment, the international market will have a short period of downturn compared with previous years. However, the domestic shipbuilding industry will continue to flourish. Affected by the implementation of China's marine development strategy, the domestic shipbuilding industry is facing huge development space. There are more and more new types of ships that can be successfully manufactured in China, such as product oil tanker, chemical tanker, marine engineering vessel, ocean fishing vessel, large container ship, passenger ro ro ship, RO ro ship, LPG ship, LNG ship, large refrigerated ship, bulk cargo ship, fishery administration ship, military ship, self unloading ship, large hatch multi-purpose ship, shuttle oil tanker, high-speed container ship without hatch cover High speed hydrofoil passenger ships, offshore oil storage ships, giant oil tankers and inland ships; In addition, there are small ships such as anti smuggling boats, lifeboats and yachts.

(marine cable gland)The rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry will further stimulate the market demand for marine cables. Affected by the working environment of the ship, the cables used on the ship are basically halogen-free, low smoke and salt alkali resistant special cables. Longitudinal water sealed cables and umbilical cables will be widely used in offshore platform operation. China's overall marine cable industry will be greatly increased by the development of shipbuilding industry at home and abroad; The market demand for special wires and cables and optical fibers and cables for military ships, underwater vehicles, torpedoes, underwater decoys and underwater reconnaissance devices will also increase significantly. In addition, the maintenance of ships and the construction of wharf and other related facilities will also provide a lot of market demand space for other commonly used wires and cables(marine cable gland)
marine cable gland