The introduction of the marine cable gland


Marine cable glands are special wires and cables for power, lighting, control, communication, microcomputer and other systems of all kinds of ships, offshore oil platforms and water buildings. Due to the harsh environmental conditions, the cable is required to be safe and reliable, long service life, small volume, light weight, excellent temperature resistance, fire resistance, flame retardant, oil resistance, moisture resistance, seawater resistance, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, etc. Marine power cable is a kind of marine cable.

(marine cable glands)
Similar wires and cables are mainly classified. According to the scope of use, marine cables can be divided into marine power cables (including low-voltage power cables with rated voltage of power frequency AC 1kV and below and medium-voltage power cables with rated voltage of power frequency AC 3 ~ 15kV), marine control cables, marine communication cables, marine signal cables and marine RF cables.(marine cable gland)
marine cable gland