The precaution of using the metal cable gland(2)


3. Treatment of external semiconductor shielding.(metal cable gland)
The outer semiconductor shield is a semi-conductive material that plays the role of uniform electric field outside the insulation of cables and cable joints. Like the inner semiconductor shield, it plays a very important role in cables and joints. The external semiconductor port must be neat and uniform, and it is also required to make a smooth transition with the insulation, and add a semiconductor belt around the cable joint to connect with the semiconductor shield outside the cable.

4. Treatment of cable reaction cone.(metal cable gland)
During construction, the potential distribution of the reaction force cone with accurate shape and size is equal on the whole cone. When making the reaction cone of cross-linked cable, special cutting tools are generally used, or it can be slightly heated with low fire and cut with a sharp knife. After it is basically formed, it is scraped with 2mm thick glass, and finally polished with sandpaper from coarse to fine until it is smooth.

5. Metal shielding and grounding treatment.(metal cable gland)
The function of metal shield in cable and connector is mainly used to conduct cable fault short-circuit current and shield electromagnetic interference of electromagnetic field to adjacent communication equipment. Under the operating state, the metal shield is at zero potential under good grounding state. When the cable fails, it has the ability to conduct short-circuit current in a very short time. The grounding wire shall be reliably welded, the metal shield and armor strip on the cable body of the box at both ends shall be firmly welded, and the grounding of the terminal head shall be reliable.

6. Sealing and mechanical protection of joints.(metal cable gland)
The sealing and mechanical protection of the joint are the guarantee to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the joint. Water and moisture shall be prevented from seeping into the cable joint. In addition, joint protection groove or cement protection box shall be erected at the joint position.