What is an explosion-proof cable gland


What is the cable gland? The list written on some purchase orders is very simple, just write an explosion-proof cable gland. In fact, it is also called explosion-proof cable gland and cable gland, but the name is different, and the products are all corresponding to the same. They are all the lead-in devices added to the cable, which play the role of waterproof, explosion-proof, dustproof, tightening and compression of the cable.
There are generally several materials, the best is pure copper, but because the price is much more expensive, the market share is not high. Like stainless steel 304 and 316, there are more companies and individuals. They are suitable for most environments. They are resistant to salt, acid and alkali, and corrosion. 316 is recommended for areas with strong coastal corrosion, which has better wear resistance. There are also high-priced nickel-plated brass materials, and nylon materials that do not require explosion-proof requirements. This will not be repeated.
The structure of the explosion-proof cable gland has been designed according to market demand in a variety of structural forms, including simple non-armoured cable forms, single-sealed forms,
Double seal form and armored cone ring form. Due to the installation of explosion-proof instrument boxes and explosion-proof equipment on site projects, some special gland designs are always designed. Therefore, the structure of the glands on the extension is not the same for each, but they are all similar.
We generally recommend that explosion-proof cable glands must be used in harsh environments, such as dust-hit areas (wood shoulders, flour mills, cigarette factories, polishing workshops, etc.), corrosive environments (chemical companies, shipbuilding, chemical industries, etc.) Industry, etc.), and the places we touch every day (gas station, gas station, gas station, etc.).

Dangers loom over our environmental safety, so we must strengthen our awareness of safety. Don't be greedy for cheap and have a weak sense of safety, which will lead to big mistakes. Beware and vigilant at all times. Don't take things as small as possible, don't take things as messy things, don't take things urgently and blindly, don't take things difficult and fearful.