High-voltage cable glands.


The high voltage cable gland is a part in the cable line, which can realize the connection of two cables and improve the electric field at the end of two cables.

Long circuits must connect two or more segments of cable through each other, which requires straight connections. Straight-through connector is an accessory connecting two cables to form a continuous circuit, especially the connector whose metal shell of the connector is electrically continuous with the metal shield and insulation shield of the connected cable. In order to reduce the induced electromotive force of metal sheath, high voltage lines need insulation joints to realize cross transposition connection, so as to eliminate the circulation current generated by the induced electromotive force. Insulated connector A connector that electrically disconnects the metal sheath, metal shield and insulation shield of a cable. Cable glands, according to their role in the line, in addition to insulation joints and straight joints, may have branch joints and over joints.