How to connect the cable gland? How to waterproof?


Power cable glands are classified into + connector, - connector, and T-connector. Connections should be entangled, smooth, and unnecessary. What are the connection methods of cables? What are the waterproof treatment methods of cable glands?

1. Cable connection method

Power cable glands are classified into + connector, - connector, and T-connector. Seams should be wound, smooth and unnecessary. Before the end of the wire is disconnected, gently press the wire clamp, then wind it around the mouth, then swing it left and right, and then connect the end of the wire to the connector to disconnect. If the joint is in a dry place, it should be wrapped with two layers of insulating black cloth, then two layers of plastic tape (also known as PVC tape), then two or three layers of J-10 insulating self-adhesive tape stretched about 200%, and finally two layers of plastic tape.

Due to the direct use of plastic with many disadvantages: plastic tape easy to produce glue dislocation, glue open; When the electrical load is heavy, the joint is hot, the plastic strip is easy to melt and shrink; The power connectors are pressed together in the junction box. When the connectors are burr, it is easy to poke the plastic tapes. These hidden dangers directly endanger personal safety, make the line moderate, cause fire. However, the use of insulating black tape will not happen, it has a certain strength, flexibility, can be wrapped in the seam for a long time, subject to time and temperature and dry fixed type, will not fall off, and flame retardant.

In addition, the adhesive tape can be moisture-proof and rust-proof after being wrapped with insulating black tape. Of course, the insulation self-adhesive tape also has defects, although it is good waterproof performance, but easy to break, so finally with two layers of plastic tape wrapped as a protective layer, the joint of the insulation self-adhesive tape and joint do not stick together, the performance is better.

2. How is the cable gland waterproof

High pressure waterproof tape, like ordinary plastic insulation tape, can be packaged. The tape looks like rubber, black like a car tire, softer, thicker, wrapped, clipped into a whole, completely sealed, and impervious to water. You can buy it anywhere you go that sells electrical materials.

Introduction to cable gland bushing

General power line external use quality is good, the shell hardness is high, the casing refractory, waterproof performance is good.

Casing, commonly used in basement buildings, protects pipes or hoops to facilitate pipe installation.

Bushing classification: rigid bushing, flexible waterproof bushing, steel tube bushing, iron sheet bushing, etc.